Rasa Gedutienė

Hello, I am RASA Gedutienė

I am a ceramist from Kaunas, Lithuania. I create ceramic souvenirs, plates, cups and other products. What is more, I take orders to produce nominal souvenirs, dishes and various clay items. Is usually prefer clay work, because giving pottery as gifts is one of the best choice to make. The clay works are practical, original and lovely. In my view, the handmade works cutest, because it has its aura.

All of my works are produced in my home where I have my own workshop. Here I do all: perennial, decorate and pan out my ceramic works.

I am glad that majority likes my work, so that is why I am working with galleries and souvenir shops.
I do ceramic works in units or in large quantities (100 pieces and more). What is more, I often participate in various fairs and campaigns on the Internet.

This is the main page of my works exhibition on the web. I always look forward to your feedback.
If you like my work and want to buy them or have any ideas that I can help you to accomplish, you can always contact me rasa.grig@gmail.com or by phone +370-673-35046

I invite you to visit my gallery.

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